Talk Show America to Return "Live" Friday June 1st at 10 AM EST on "Net Talk World"

Good News Everyone...

The Talk Show America Show will return "Live" on Friday, June 1st at 10 AM EST on Net Talk World. Tune in daily, Monday thru Friday as Jay Are takes on the main stream news media, the liberal left, the Democrats and the Rinos, in their constant attacks against our country, the US Military and it's mission in the Global War on Terror.

Every weekday Jay Are takes on issues from immigration to the war on terror and everything else in between and brings you the truth without the spin and without the political correctness.

Net Talk World is a network of quality talk shows, such as Talk show America, The Captain's America, The Kyle Warren Show, The Scott Fuller Show, and the New Media Journal.

For the Best in Conservative talk radio programming..FREE...tune in to Net Talk World and find out what all the buzz is about.

Talk Show America 6/01/2007

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