Main Stream News Media Reporting Positive Iraq Stories ?

NBC anchor Brian Williams, on Tuesday's Daily Show, recognized that there are "tremendous local victories" in Iraq, but told Jon Stewart the constant suicide bombings killing scores of civilians leave him unable to answer the question: "How's the war going?"

Asked by Stewart about his March trip to Iraq, Williams offered a colorful
detail about pleadings from Iraqi women as he answered:
"We go to Ramadi and Iraqi women, unprompted, didn't know who I was, come up and say in Arabic to the American commander, 'please don't ever leave us. Don't leave this town.' They've gone block by block talking to the Imans, making the town safe."

CBS's Lara Logan performed a rare act:

Reporting a story of humanitarian heroism among U.S. soldiers.
Both Monday's CBS Evening News and Tuesday's Early Show ran an extensive story on some members of the 82nd Airborne rescuing neglected Iraqi orphans.

The soldiers discovered malnourished children living in extremely unsanitary conditions. Logan then played soundbites of several U.S. soldiers describing the horrific conditions and even gave a human face to those serving their country. Captain Jim Cook noted he "got a little angry" and Logan reported the children are now being cared for at another facility.

At the end of the report, CBS even ran footage of soldiers playing with and nurturing the children.

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