Majority Leader Reid: Out of Touch and Undermining Troops

Vets for Freedom, a pro-mission veterans group dedicated to communicating America's strategy in Iraq, professes both confusion and outrage over recent comments made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV). Senator Reid arrogantly declared General Petraeus "out of touch" with what is going on in Baghdad, all the while-from the safety of Washington, DC-proclaiming his defeatist opinions, which undermine the war effort and embolden America's enemies.

Three important facts color Senator Reid's absurd statement: 1) Senator Reid, the man who called General Petraeus "out of touch," voted to confirm him in January of 2007; 2) Senator Reid, the man who purports to be more "in touch" with events in Baghdad, hasn't been there since March of 2005; and 3) when Senator Reid came home from Iraq in March of 2005, he said ""I came away with the feeling we cannot leave Iraq. If we do, the terrorists will have won."

"It sounds to me like Senator Reid is out of touch with himself (referring to his March, 2005 comments after visiting Iraq) and in perfect synch with left-leaning activist groups who have declared defeat in Iraq," says Pete Hegseth, Vets for Freedom Executive Director.

Hegseth, an Iraq War veteran, goes on to say "While General Petraeus is busy in Baghdad doing everything possible to defeat Al Qaeda and marginalize militias in order to bring about success in Iraq, Senator Reid is hard at work doing everything he can to declare defeat and undermine American strategy. His words are the height of irresponsibility."

Senator Reid made the disparaging remarks about General Petraeus during a conference call with liberal bloggers-an arena in which he surely felt comfortable sharing his true beliefs. Long professing to "support the troops" in public, Senator Reid feels very comfortable trashing them in private. It appears that Senator Reid wants the mission-as well as the troops-to fail.

Vets for Freedom boasts an ever-growing network of veterans who believe in the need to defeat radical Islamist insurgents in Iraq.

Talk Show America 6/18/2007

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