Songwriter Donates 20,000 "American Hero" CDs to Troops.

Patriotic song of gratitude and recognition to be distributed to our troops in the field through AdoptaPlatoon organization. Songwriter now to raise funds for wounded vets.

Ocala FL – Songwriter Bonnie W. Daniels announces a donation of 20,000 patriotic CDs to American soldiers deployed in Iraq, Afghanistan, and around the world. The CDs contain a special song of gratitude and recognition, titled "American Hero", and will be distributed in cooperation with AdoptaPlatoon organization. This tribute, written in 2003 by Bonnie, was recently recorded by studio musicians in Nashville, Tennessee, and is prefaced by a brief introduction to the song and a “thank you” to our soldiers.

Early reaction to this "soldiers only" version of "American Hero" has been overwhelming. Most responses to hearing the intro and song are a combination of teary eyes, choked-up voices, and comments like "all of our troops need to hear this - now!"

Among their many morale-boosting programs on behalf of soldiers, AAP prepares and sends "care-packages" to troops located around the world. AAP Director, Ida Hägg, states,
"We will gladly accept and send these 20,000 CDs to our soldiers - we support over 150,000 soldiers so we will accept all you can send us". She continues, "Bonnie's beautiful song will be a blessing to every soldier who has the opportunity to listen to it".

Patriotic Americans can help! - Bonnie knows that her donation of 20,000 "American Hero" CDs is just a small part of Americans saying, "thank you." She has received a very positive response to "American Hero" and many people have asked to purchase a copy of her song. Until now Bonnie has not sold copies of "American Hero".
Now she wants to do more. Bonnie wants to use her song to spearhead a campaign to raise funds for wounded soldiers. These funds will be used to provide help to our troops as they return home and face life-altering challenges as a result of serious wounds received while serving their country. Her hope is that she can provide uplifting, inspirational, and entertaining music to the public, but - even more importantly, also raise enough funds to make a significant difference for our brave men and women. As a matter of fact, Bonnie is hoping to raise $1 million dollars to donate to this cause. She knows it will be a daunting challenge but she will try to accomplish this goal with help from patriotic Americans.
Bonnie plans a public release of a 12-song CD, titled "No Fear", by early April, 2007. The lead song on the CD will be "American Hero". It will also contain ten Gospel/Christian songs of faith and courage and a second patriotic song - all written by Bonnie. All songs on the album have been recorded and produced in Miami, Nashville, or Ocala, and feature various dynamic studio artists. Bonnie will donate a large portion of the proceeds, from the sale of each CD, to a wounded veteran support organization that will be chosen and announced soon.

The "No Fear" CD is available now for advance purchase on Shipments are scheduled to begin in early April. More information about songwriter Bonnie W. Daniels can be found at Information about AdoptaPlatoon is available at

The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes. (

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