Poll: 54 Percent of Americans Take Pro-Life Position on Abortion

A new poll conducted by CBS News makes it clear that a majority of Americans are pro-life when itcomes to the issue of abortion.

The October survey finds 54 percent of Americans take one of
three pro-life positions opposing all or almost all abortions and
another 16 percent want more restrictions on it.

The October 12-16 poll asked Americans to tell CBS News their
"personal feelings" on abortion. The survey found that 16
percent of the public only favors allowing abortions "only to
save woman's life" and another 34 percent think abortions should
only be allowed in the very rare cases of rape, incest or to save
the mother's life.

Another four percent of Americans want all abortions to be made

With the Planned Parenthood-affiliated Alan Guttmacher Institute
showing that less than two percent of all abortions are done in
cases of rape, incest or to save the mother's life, the CBS News
poll shows 54 percent of Americans oppose 98 percent of all

According to the survey, just 26 percent of the public wants
abortions permitted in all cases. Another 16 percent want
abortions to remain legal but to be subject to greater
restrictions than they currently face.

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