Bin Laden Described Target of United 93 As "The Dome"

In his opening statement in the military commission trial of Osama Bin Laden's former driver, Salim Hamdan, the prosecutor said he would show that Hamdan heard Bin Laden describe the target of United Flight 93.

According to the prosecutor, Bin Laden had said the plane was headed for "the dome," apparently in reference to the U.S. Capitol.

Hamdan, who was detained in November, 2001, is charged with conspiracy and providing material support for terrorism. He faces a potential life term if convicted.

Separately, five men accused of organizing the 9/11 attacks are awaiting trial for the deaths of some 3,000 people.

Hamdan was captured in Afghanistan by the Afghans. He was transferred to Gitmo where he was interrogated by an FBI agent three times.

Each time he was tortured(sac) by the FBI agent by bringing him McDonald's fish sandwiches, (there's a Mickey D's, Pizza Hut and Starbucks in Gitmo) a car magazine, and allowing him to call his wife.

Oh, the horror of it all, that poor man. (sac)

Of course the NYT tries to tarnish the story by noting the differences between civilian trials and those held by the military commission. The NYT pointed out that the FBI agent did not advise Hamdan that he did not have to incriminate himself, because in Gitmo the agent didn't have to.

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