Al-Qaida Prisoners Plan Beheading

British intelligence discovers threat to attack prison guard and behead him.

According to a report from WorldNet Daily, Britian's M15 Intelligence Service has uncovered a plot by convicted Al-Qaida terrorists to kidnap a prison guard, behead him and then show the images on the internet.

The plot is centered on Whitemoor prison in Cambridgeshire and Frankland jail in County Durham. Between them, they house more than a dozen convicted terrorists.

"In all eight prisons, there is mounting racial tension, but the specific threat to execute an officer and film it on mobile phones is new,"
states the MI5 report.

Details of the plot were discovered during a four hour riot in Frankland's segregation unit this week, where convicted terrorists are confined.

Inmates demanding they be transferred to another prison did more than $40,000 in damage.

One prison officer who was involved in trying to quell the riot wrote in his report:
"They were shouting that they were going to cut off the head of one of our officers and film it on their cell phones."

Cell Phones ? These morons have cell phones ? They are in prison for being convicted of terrorist acts and the British allow them to have cell phones in prison ! Where is the logic in that ?

If the left in our country have their way we could be facing the same thing, if we close Gitmo. It shores up what I have been saying all along, why would we want to house enemy combatants in prisons on American soil. These are the types of problems you would face along with giving Al-Qaida access to a perfect training ground full of willing trainees.

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