Biden: Israel Will Have To Live With Nuclear Iran

A number of Israeli newspapers are quoting Sen. Biden as saying that Israel will just have to live with a nuclearized Iran. Here's what Sen. Biden is quoted as saying:

"Israel will have to reconcile itself with the nuclearization of Iran," Army Radio quoted Biden as telling the unnamed officials. "It's doubtful if the economic sanctions will be effective, and I am against opening an additional military and diplomatic front."

It won't take long before Obama-Biden will be backtracking from Sen. Biden's statement. They should be embarrassed. The Democrats knew that Sen. Obama didn't have the national security/foreign policy credibility. So they thought that Sen. Biden would bring that credibility to the ticket.

That myth is now shattered.

Jewish voters, whose support was already tepid, will take notice. They'll be repulsed by Sen. Biden's statement. Don't think that won't cripple the Obama-Biden ticket in Florida. It certainly will. Initially, Florida's Jewish community had their doubts about Sen. Obama. It was thought that Sen. Biden would shore up Sen. Obama's credibility.

This report destroys that.

This destroys the myth, also, that Sen. Biden is a great at foreign policy. If anything, this proves he's a foreign policy disaster. Let's remember his plan to tell the sovereign Iraqi government to split into three independent countries. This was a stupid plan right from the start. Sen. Biden hadn't thought that an independent Kurdistan would quickly become rich and destabilize the region.

His plan would given the Anbar Province to AQI and forced southern Iraq into an allegiance with Iran.

Prior to Sen. Biden's most recent gaffe, the Democrats planned on telling voters that they shouldn't risk voting for someone as inexperienced as Gov. Palin. That argument just disappeared. When the American people hear about this, they won't put a high priority on experience. they'll put a higher priority on judgment.

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