This is What the Main Stream News Media Thinks is Important in This Election

Obama tops McCain as football-watching buddy

The AP published an article on a recent poll that showed that by a slim margin, most Americans would rather watch a football game with Obama (50%)than McCain(47%).

With all the issues to discuss they discuss a poll about who is more popular to watch football with....Pathetic.

Obama was the pick over McCain by a narrow 50 percent to 47 percent according to an Associated Press-Yahoo News poll released Friday that
generally mirrored each presidential candidate's strengths and weaknesses with voters. Women, minorities, younger and unmarried people were likelier to prefer catching a game with Obama while men,whites, older and married people would rather watch with McCain.

With Obama struggling to win over former supporters of Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the poll had worrisome news: 35 percent of them would
rather watch with McCain, well above the 23 percent for all Democrats.

There was also a danger sign for McCain: About three in 10 voters are still undecided or say they may switch candidates. That group leans
narrowly toward Obama as their football companion.

This is utterly ridiculous.

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