98 % of Military Ballots Rejected in Virginia

This is an OUTRAGE !

Our brave men and women in the military are fighting for our freedoms everyday in the war on terror and this is how we treat them.

According to a report in Human Events:

Fairfax County Registrar Rokey Suleman is disqualifying an overwhelming majority of the military federal write-in absentee ballots received in his county.

Springfield District Supervisor Pat Herrity and four former members of the military who held a press conference on Thursday, say that over 98 percent of these military absentee ballots are being rejected in Fairfax County.

"The federal write-in absentee ballot is a federally mandated ballot that allows military service members and their dependents to cast an absentee ballot when they haven't received a [state] ballot before the election," Herrity said. "For them it's a safety net. It allows them to vote if the mail truck hasn't reached his or her remote base in Iran or Afghanistan in time to cast a regular absentee ballot."

"Out of the 260 military federal write-in ballots received to date, only five included an address for the witness. The other 255 have been set aside for rejection."

And why are the ballots being rejected ? Because no address had been given for those witnessing the voter signatures on the ballots.

On page two of the Voters Declaration/Affirmation-Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB) at the very bottom of the form is the signature block for the "Witness/Notary and Address (if required)". Note the instructions given to Virginia service members, "Block 7: Sign and date in the presence of a witness. The witness must sign and date the form."

There is nothing stating that there is any requirement for a witness to give an address.

Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) released a statement in reagrds to this outrage:

"The Fairfax County registrar is going to great lengths to register voters in the county jail. It is shameful he is going to even greater lengths to disenfranchise our men and women in uniform."

Suleman conducted a voter registration drive in county detention centers. That's right folks, let's make sure the criminals can vote but for the average GI out there fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, we'll scrutinize their ballots.

Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell's office has stated:

"We are aware of this situation and are working to ensure all proper votes cast are counted. We are concerned about all eligible voters but can't comment further at this time."

Don't let up on this folks, call and call often if they don't answer, especially if you live in Virginia,if you are a veteran, a cuurent member in the military, or a have a loved one in the military.

Note the instructions given to Virginia service members:

"Block 7: Sign and date in the presence of a witness. The witness must sign and date the form."

No instruction given on any requirement for the witness to give an address.


Anonymous said...

Make sure the troops know.

Make sure they know that they are being disenfranchised by the Democrats.

It is really not wise to anger the Legions.

Anonymous said...

Obviously they are being disenfranchised because they can not follow simple instructions.

Anonymous said...

Don't you know how to read? Or are you ignoring the facts on purpose? They followed the instructions correctly but they are still trying to invalidate their votes.

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