AFL-CIO Suggests Joe the Plumber is McCain Plant

Get a load of this folks, the AFL-CIO Blog is suggesting that "Joe the Plumber" is actually a McCain plant, here is an excerpt of the article:

Sen. John McCain tried to make political hay during last night's presidential debate by repeatedly citing references to "Joe the plumber."

Wurzelbacher asked Obama about his tax plan while Obama was in Toledo, Ohio, on Sunday, and since then, has been propelled into media stardom by a McCain campaign desperate to distract the public from the fact that McCain's economic proposals involve:

Taxing our employer-based health care benefits.
Giving massive tax cuts to Big Oil-to the tune of $3.8 billion.
Supporting bad trade deals like the U.S. Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

Wurzelbacher, by the way, is a registered Republican who was not an "undecided" voter, as has been reported by the media.

In other words, as Jane Hamsher puts it on Firedoglake, one word sums up the reasons the McCain campaign has trotted around Wurzelbacher: Plant.

Of course when you look at their links in the lower right corner you will see they link to ACORN, so apparently it is OK with them to register fake voters and aid in voter fraud. They offer no proof of this allegation against McCain except the Firedoglake blog link.

I checked out that blog and found an article on this blog: Raising Kaine , even here there is no evidence offered to show PROOF of their allegations. On this blog they are all over the map, Joe the Plumber is not a registered voter, oh wait, he is but registered republican, he is Sarah Palins's Brother in Law, oh wait he is a close relative of Charles Keating.

How pathetic.

The libs are self destructing folks over "Joe" the plumber, all because he exposed Obama's Tax plans, all because he DARED ask the "chosen one" a question.

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