Calculate Your Obama Tax Increase

This is a site where you can prove Obama will raise your taxes. Enter your tax filing status; single, married filing jointly, etc., and enter your taxable income. You can enter in any year, so try it for 2008 and then try it for 2000, which is what you will owe once Obama repeals Bush's tax cuts.

If you are married filing jointly and make $100,000 this year, a lot less than $250,000, you will pay $17,688 in taxes. After Obama increases your taxes to the 2000rate, you will owe $22,300, an increase of $4,612, which is a 26% tax hike.

If you are single, earning $35,000 this year, you will owe $4,448. Obama's tax increase jacks it up to $5,250, for a tax increase of $802, which is an 18% increase in your taxes.

Click the link here. Look for the small box with "calculate" button.

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