Zogby: Presidential Race Statistical Dead Heat

Zogby called the presidential race a "statistical dead heat," yesterday.

Zogby recorded 47.9 percent support for Obama among likely voters, and 43.6 percent for McCain, a 4.3-point spread.

"In this latest report, McCain gained eight-tenths of a point, while Obama lost one full point," Zogby reported. "while the worldwide economic system underwent dramatic turmoil last week, the poll shows the presidential race remarkably unchanged overall at the end of the first full week of daily tracking. Through the week, Obama has always held a small lead, as large as 6.1 points (on Saturday) and as little as 1.9 points (last Wednesday)."

Gallup polling, which has given double-igit leads among all registered voters for the past week, tightened into single digits over the weekend. Sunday, for the first time in a week, Gallup recorded a 7-oint lead, with 50 percent of registered voters preferring Obama to 43 percent for McCain. Polling of likely voters has been even tighter, with Obama's lead shrinking to 4 points.

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