Where Were You Born Barry ? (Suits Still Pending)

The following is a list of citizenship cases that are still pending against Barack Obama, challenging his status as a natural born citizen, thereby making him ineligible to be POTUS:

This is a summary of what has happened legally regarding Obama's eligibility:

Electoral College Grass-roots Movement
Pennyslvania Case now in the Supreme Court ALIVE
New Jersey Case now in the Supreme Court ALIVE
Ohio Case DEAD
Hawaii Case DEAD
Washington Case DEAD
Virigina Case DEAD, alot of people believe this one was a fraud
Connecticut Case DEAD
California Case Joan Corbett ALIVE as far as I know
California Case Alan Keyes and AIP Electors ALIVE
California Case David Archbold did not transpire
Georgia Case ALIVE
North Carolina Case ALIVE
New York Case No case ever transpired
New York Case Christopher Strunk ALIVE
Texas Case ALIVE
Unconfirmed Cases
Patriot Brigade Case No case ever transpired

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