Aljazeera Claims Shoe Thrower "Tortured"

Aljazeera is claiming in a report that the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush in a press conference in Iraq has been "tortured" while in custody.

The source of their information, the journalists brother:

"We know that [Muntazer] has been tortured and his hand was broken. I asked them to go and check on him in the Green Zone [in Baghdad]," he said.

And the journalists employer:

Al-Baghdadia television, Muntazer's employer, reported that al-Zaidi had been "seriously injured" while in custody.

Hardly unbiased sources. There is no evidence offered that the journalist was "tortured". The journalists hand was most likely broken during the scuffle to take him into custody at the scene where witnesses report seeing the journalist bleeding when he was being taken away. That's hardly "Torture".

But hey, don't expect the main stream news media or certainly Aljazeera to do anything but keep this story on the front pages because they have found a new way to attempt to embarrass the President and fuel dissent in Iraq and Arab world.

The Iraqi military has denied that al-Zaidi has been mistreated while in detention.

Does anyone seriously doubt that if this journalist tried this stunt with Saddam Hussein that he would even be breathing right now. You would not have heard about it becausee the MSNM wouldn't bother to cover it and the journalist would be with his 72 Virgins.

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