Now Here's A Real Guitar Hero !

Rock guitarist Chris Llewellyn is a real guitar hero who took down a passenger who pushed a stewardess to the ground, attempted to open the exit door of the plane in flight and claimed to have a bomb.

When Chris heard commotion on the Los Angeles bound Delta flight Wednesday and saw that the man had knocked down a stewardess and was struggling to open the plane's rear door, he intervened. While the man warned that he had a bomb, the 6-foot 26-year-old tackled him. With the help of several other passengers, Chris kept the assailant restrained until the plane landed and authorities boarded and arrested him on suspicion of making a false bomb threat.

Chris told the Los Angeles Times that he thought the attacker was going to open the door and he wanted to stop him.
"He was struggling hard-core," Chris told the daily newspaper. "I was holding down his arm. Somebody had a foot on his head. Everyone was holding down a different body part. He was going nuts. I was telling him to chill because he's not going any place."

Authorities did not find a bomb on the plane. Chris and those who helped him have been praised for their heroism by local and federal authorities.

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