Last Minute Pro Israel Rally in NYC Overwhelming

So many people attended a last minute put together Pro Israel rally to counter a planned anti-Israel rally in New York City yesterday that they were turning people away. The rally was held across from the Israeli consulate between 42nd and 43rd.

The amount of supporters at the rally was so huge that the police could not contain the supporters and forced folks off 2nd Avenue.

Several of these rallies are being held in cities across the country to show support for Israel in its struggle against Hamas. The problem is you don't hear much Pro Israel news from the main stream news media because we all know who they support.

Speakers at these Pro Israel rallies make a point to state that this is not a war against the Palestinian people but against Hamas. It is suffice to say that you will not hear any Anti Israel supporters stating that this is not a war against Israel.

Hat Tip To: Atlas Shrugs

The rally was also caught on video

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