Thank You President Bush

The purpose of this site is to specifically thank, credit and acknowledge President George W. Bush for his success in keeping the United States safe from domestic terrorism in the years following the tragic events of 9.11.

Hey Folks,

Please take a moment and go to the site above and just write a note of thanks to President Bush for his service to our nation. To be quite honest, the way the man was treated by the news media, citizens and members of the opposite party and well as members of his own party was a damn shame.

Whether you agreed with all of his policies or not the amount of disrespect shown President Bush was almost unprecedented. He deserves better.



Wallace and Kolene Kniffin said...

Dear Mr President Bush and Mrs Bush,
We applaud you and your administration. You and your entire family are an inspiration to many across the country. He hold in our hearts memories of watching you and your wife handle yourselves with the character and dignity the Office of the Presidency demands. You have not faultered in our eyes, people failed to back the decisions you tried to enact to continuing to keep us safe and present this Country as a Godly Nation.

As the paper here in Ft Worth stated along with your picture..."I can hold my head high". This is so true regardless of the criticism of the liberal media. As the Bible states, ..."having done all to stand, stand therefore.." and you did not waiver from the principles of God on which this nation was founded. I have voted since turning 18 and have never been more proud of a President than I have of you and Mrs. Bush. You are and the world will discover in the future, one of the greatest Presidents of our nation. I am also grateful for the training and love that you received from your parents, who were the next best in our eyes to you Mr. President.

May the 'good hand' of God continue to bless your family.

The Wallace Kniffin Family (4 children, 15 grandchildren)

Gail Armstrong said...

Dear President and Mrs. Bush,
It has been an empty feeling since you left office! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you did for our country the last 8 years. We felt safe and secure because you were the Commander and Chief. Mrs. Bush, you always made us proud in the way you conducted yourself, thank you so much for being such a gracious First Lady for our Country.
You and your family will remain in our thoughts and Prayers., thank you again so much!
Dean and Gail Armstrong
and family

Anonymous said...

Dear President Bush,
I would just like to say thank you for taking the steps to ensure our Country's safety. In addition to that the way you held yourself through all the unwarranted hatred was just another reason that you have my respect.
I felt a deep sadness as you and your wife waved good-bye, but wish you both the best in all that you choose to do. May God bless you and your family.
Sarah Rowin

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