60 Minutes Kroft to Obama:" Are You Punch-Drunk ?"

Well folks here is another chapter in the continuing saga of the Obamanation. President Obama was being interviewed by Steve Kroft on CBS 60 Minutes on Sunday night, apparently the President was smiling and laughing through most of the part of the interview that covered the state of our economy.

Kroft picked up on this and asked the President:

"You're sitting here. And you're laughing. You are laughing about some of these problems," Kroft told the president. "Are people going to look at this and say, 'I mean, he's sitting there just making jokes about money?' How do you deal with -- I mean: explain ... Are you punch-drunk?"

The President replied:

"No, no. There's gotta be a little gallows humor to get you through the day," Obama replied, with a laugh.

Yes folks, you heard that right, this is what we need to get through the economic crisis, a little "gallows humor", this is Obama's plan, laugh it off. Who knew folks, when the bank calls and tells you they are foreclosing on your home, you can just laugh and yuk it up with them and this will fix everything. When your company tells you they have to lay you off, you can just apply the "gallows humor" method and all will be okay.

This is not a laughing matter Mr. President, while your yuking it up on the Tonight Show and now 60 Minutes, people are hurting, people want answers and solutions. The people want leadership not a comedian, Mr. President.

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