Obama: No Attack Helicopters for Israel, But Allows Egypt To Buy Them

In yet another "clueless in Washington" move the Obama administration has blocked Israel's request for advanced U.S. Apache attack helicopters.

According to Yoni The Blogger the Obama administration has blocked the sale of six Apache Longbow attack helicopters to Israel because the helicopters would threaten Palestinian citizens in the Gaza strip.

"During the recent war, Israel made considerable use of the Longbow, and there were high civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip," a source close to the administration said.

The sources said Israel has sought to purchase up to six new AH-64Ds in an effort to bolster conventional and counter-insurgency capabilities. They said Israel wants to replenish its fleet after the loss of two Apache helicopters in the 2006 war with Hizbullah.

However, the Obama administration has approved the sale of the same helicopters to Egypt.

Let's face it folks, the only reason why the sale has been blocked is because the helicopters will be used to defeat Hezbollah, the PLO, and other terrorist organizations and individuals in that region, something that Obama opposes.

The Obama administration is doing everything it can to show the Muslim world that the US is no longer Pro-Israel. It is a policy that we will come to regret, as I believe that Israel is our only true ally in the middle east.

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