State Department: China to Get U.S. Aid

Todd Stern a US State Department Special Envoy said that China will will receive both financial and technical assistance from the United States for climate control.

"This is a developing country issue, which includes China," Stern told reporters on Friday. "I think there is no question that a Copenhagen agreement is going to have to include mechanisms to provide the financial flows and technological assistance to developing countries."

"I've said on a number of occasions now that it's accurate that China is in effect both a developed and a developing country at this point," said Stern. "They are developed in some of their major cities, Beijing and Shanghai, but they're still developing and still quite poor in a large part of the countryside."

Regardless, the United States will be spreading the wealth China's way, helping them to meet whatever final carbon emissions reduction goals come out of Copenhagen.

Wow ! Imagine that folks, last year we borrowed 700 billion dollars from China to bailout our banks and financial institutions on Wall Street, this year we borrowed 787 billion dollars from them to finance the "so called" stimulus package and now it appears that we are going to be financing China in regards to environmental concerns.

Are they kidding ? What are we going to provide financial assistance with the 787 billion we borrowed from them ? Unbelievable ! Why don't we figure out the cost and tell them to deduct it from the money we already owe them ?

How ridiculous. We are providing them with financial assistance and borrowing hundreds of billions from them and paying interest.


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