WORLD PREMIERE: "We The People" NEW tea party unity song by Lloyd Marcus

Date: Tuesday, June 23rd

Time: 12noon/EST


Dear Fellow Patriots, No marketing firm could have started this incredible spontaneous Tea Party Movement. It is totally driven by love, passion and concern of the America people.

The passionate voice of one man, Rick Santelli, ignited a fire which spread across America. You came by the tens of thousands to tea parties. Your message was loud and clear, "ENOUGH!...STOP the hijacking of our Freedom, Liberty and Culture!"

In my NEW Tea Party unity song, We The People, I humbly try to be your voice. I thought, what if every patriot joined and sang together. What would it sound like and what would we say? Brothers and sisters, from my heart to yours, I give you, "WE THE PEOPLE".


God Bless, Lloyd


As you may or may not know Folks, Lloyd wrote and sings the song "United We Stand" which is the opening theme song for Talk Show America, which Lloyd graciously gave me permission to use. He also sings the ending theme medley of "God Bless America", "America" and "United We Stand" again graciously allowing me to use the song for my show.

Lloyd is a great singer, song writer,entertainer and American Patriot, having provided entertainment for the Bush and Reagan campaigns as well as The Gathering of Eagles and of course Talk Show America.

I am proud to count Lloyd as one of my friends and fellow Patriots and I am more than happy to endorse his abilities as a singer,songwriter,entertainer and Patriot.

If you want entertainment for your political rally, Lloyd Marcus is your man, no one does it better, he writes and sings songs about how he truly feels about our country and you can't get any more genuine than that !

Jay Are
Talk Show America

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