Judge Orders Obama Eligibilty Case to Proceed

Blogger Sarah Brooks is reporting that she spoke with Attorney Charles Lincoln who has been working with Dr. Orly Taiz and was at the hearing today.

According to Sarah, Attorney Lincoln reported that the judge denied default BUT he ordered that the case proceed without any objections,and that the case would be decided on its merits. Obama has 60 days to answer.

The Judge assured Dr. Orly Taiz that the case would be given top priority
and would be quote, "resolved quicker in this court than in any other court."

At the hearing today at the Federal Court building in Santa Ana, Judge Carter said the following:

1. There will be a trial.

2. It will be heard on the merits.

3. Nothing will be dismissed on proceedural issues.

4. The trial will be expeditious, and the judge pledged to give case priority.

5. Being a former Marine he realizes the importance of having a Constitutionally qualified POTUS/CINC.

6. Judge stated that if Obama isn't Constitutionally qualifed he needs to leave the White House.

The DOJ will be involved with the case also.... I wasn't clear if they would be trying to get to the truth or they would just be blindly representing Obama.

More on this developing story in the morning folks...that's all I have for now.

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