The Worcester, MA Tea Party 9/12/2009

It was a damp,rainy Saturday morning when we arrived at Lincoln Square a bit after 11:30 and found about 50 people present there with signs and flags. I spoke with "Matt O'Brien" who is one of the persons responsible for organizing the event. Mr. O'Brien was certainly not shy about letting you know how he felt and why he was attending the Tea Party.

During our conversation, I learned that there were about three bus loads of people from the Worcester that went to Washington D.C. for the 9/12 Rally and that Ken Mandile had informed him that there were about 1,000 people from Massachusetts attending the event in D.C..

The people that I met and spoke with at the Tea Party in Worcester were very passionate about their stand on the issues of health care, government spending and the right to keep and bear arms.

Many of the people driving by the attendees standing on the sidewalk along the street were honking their horns in approval of the signs and banners being held high by the group.

When you consider that many people went to Washington D.C. from the area, and the weather, rain all day, damp and cool and the forecast calling for that the rest of the day, there were quite a few attendees for the Worcester Tea Party.

The persons who attended today's event, most of them because they could not attend in D.C., showed the commitment and tenacity that is needed to defeat Obama's agenda of big government spending and government run health care. This group of hearty people proved that they can walk the walk as well as talk the talk. That speaks volumes for these attendees and those who made their was to Washington, D.C..

I enjoyed speaking with many of the groups attendees, everyone was very friendly and approachable. I was proud to be a part of the Worcester Tea Party 9/12/2009, for I too could not attend in D.C..

This group held a Tea Party event in Worcester on April 15th as did many others throughout the nation. Having just returned from attending the Tea Party in Boston on that day, I must say that I was thoroughly impressed with Worcester's Tea Party which appeared to be as large if not larger in attendance than Boston's. It was clearly more organized and had much better communications equipment.

If you live in Worcester County and wish to attend any of these events when they are organized just go to for more information.

Jay Speaks with Tea Party Attendee

Jay With Two Very Well Informed Tea Party Attendees

Jay With Several Tea Party Attendees Including "Matt O'Brien"(left of Jay) Who Was Responsible For Today's Event

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