Troops Hope Afghanistan Mission Sacrafices Not in Vain

While Obama fiddles, Afghanistan burns and some of those serving while rockets and bombs are falling around them worry that the mission has lost the support of the American people and that their sacrifices and those of their fallen comrades have been in vain.
"What about the troops who died giving their lives for this mission?" Sgt. Coble asked.

"We would not be honoring the lives of the troops who died if we left here without finishing our mission, and many troops are concerned that the American people have forgotten why we came here to begin with," she said.

"If we left Afghanistan right now, its equivalent to somebody going up to help a rape victim, engaging in a fight to help that rape victim, then giving up because they didn't want to get hurt themselves and allowing that rape to continue," she said. "Because essentially that's what the Afghan population is: They are victims, and we need to follow through with what we promised."

A soldier who wished to remain anonymous asked:
"Do the people in Washington even remember we're here?"
A Major had this to say:
"I have hope in what we're doing here," Maj. Espinoza said, as he donned armor in preparation for the short ride from International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) headquarters to Kabul airport. "Look, if I didn't have hope, I wouldn't be here. I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing. It's as simple as that."
Sgt. Coble urged Americans to think about the sacrifices U.S. troops have made in Afghanistan and the consequences of narrowing the mission before it has more time to succeed.
"We're not just numbers," she said. "I'm not going to say morale is high with everything going on at home. We're here for a reason. This is not a draft military. When people go out on the streets in America and say, 'Bring our troops home,' it infuriates me. Don't go out there talking about bringing our troops home, let us decide when to come back home. We're here because we want our children, my son, to have a safer world, and we know the risks."
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These brave men and women deserve better than this folks let's make sure that are voices are heard in support of our brave men and women in the military and their missions in the war on terror. We must remember that while we are at home busy fighting the socialist agenda of the ObamaNation, our brave men and women are dodging bullets, rockets and IEDs both in Afghanistan and in Iraq on a daily basis.

All of this while Obama declares national emergencies on a Pandemic that has peaked and hasn't really even been a Pandemic, travels around the country to push his socialist agenda in regards to health care and runs off to Norway to pick up his undeserved award. In the meantime our brave men and women in Afghanistan are in peril due to his indecisiveness on sending in more troops that McChrystal asked for.

Please go to America Supports You and let the troops know you have not forgotten them and that you support the vital missions they are on in Afghanistan and Iraq. It doesn't cost a dime and it means so much to them to hear from you, the American People, please do it right now, it only takes a few moments.


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