Ft.Hood Shooter Yelled "Allah Akbar" During Rampage

According to Fox News, survivors of the shooting rampage at Fort Hood yesterday, said the shooter,Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, shouted "Allah Akbar!" — "God is great!" in Arabic before opening fire !

"That was reported by a few of the witnesses that were at the scene," Cone's deputy, Col. John Rossi, told Fox News.

Federal law enforcement officials told The Associated Press that Hasan had come to their attention at least six months ago because of Internet postings that discussed suicide bombings. The officials said they are still trying to confirm that he was the author.

One of the Web postings that authorities reviewed is a blog that equates a suicide bomber to a soldier throwing himself on a grenade to save the lives of his comrades.

"To say that this soldier committed suicide is inappropriate. Its more appropriate to say he is a brave hero that sacrificed his life for a more noble cause," the Internet posting reads. "Scholars have paralleled (sic) this to suicide bombers whose intention, by sacrificing their lives, is to help save Muslims by killing enemy soldiers."

Before Thursday's shooting, Hasan reportedly gave away all of his furniture along with copies of the Koran to neighbors, KXXV-TV reported.

The above statement should have been a tell tale sign to the authorities, most people who are going to commit suicide give away their valuable possessions just before they kill themselves. In this case he must have known he would be shot dead by responding Police or planned to shoot himself when he was through. This amplifies the importance of the heroic actions of the female police officer who shot Hasan because he was probably not through yet, and probably one of the reasons why he didn't kill himself. Her quick actions saved lives.
Authorities have not ruled out that Hasan was acting on behalf of some unidentified radical group, a senior U.S. official in Washington said. He would not say whether any evidence had come to light to support that theory.

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