Friday, November 13, 2009

Stupidest Quote of the week: Congress Mandating Health Insurance Like States Requiring Driver’s Licenses

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) recently stated that the constitutional authority for Congress to require individuals to purchase health insurance is the same that allowed for Medicaid and Medicare, and for states to require driver's licenses.

The last time I knew, Medicare and Medicaid were not mandatory, and for your information Senator Warner, although you do have to get a drivers license to drive in these 50 states, it is not mandatory that you obtain a drivers license if you don't wish to drive. No one is making you get one whether you want one or not and no one is fining you if you don't.

What a ridiculous comparison!

The Warner goes on to say that people without health care are currently going into hospitals and being treated and we are paying the bill and that is unfair. Huh? Isn't the Obama administration trying to tell us that there are 46 million people out there without health care who are at risk, now suddenly they can walk into a hospital and get it for free, it's just that we pay for it.

Well, again, Senator Warner, if 46 million people without health care are actually able to still get free health care on our dime, then there are actually no persons in the country who cannot get health care as you Democrats keep saying there are.

Furthermore, Senator Warner, wouldn't it be fair to say that if we are paying for those 46 million without health care that logic would dictate that we will be paying for 300 million people to get health care if the government run health care program passes in the Senate. That would mean that we would be paying for 254 million more than we are now.

So tell me again why we would want ObamaCare.

What a joke, and these people are running the country, scary.

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