Why aren't Democrats running on health care ?

With the ever important November mid-term elections upcoming one has to wonder why the Democrats aren't running on the Health care issue.

We were told it is good for us, that it will save money, that it will not add to the deficit and that once we see it in action we will sing its praises.

So then WHY aren't the Democrats singing its praises now ? Well, as Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post points out:

"Sometimes a picture really is worth 1,000 words -- and this is one of those cases. Here's a look, courtesy of Pollster.com, of public opinion regarding health care."

Perhaps if these Democrats had read the Health care bill before they voted on it they would have been able to justify it now as a campaign issue. Let's face it folks, if you don't know what's in the bill how can you seriously run on it, especially when it is so unpopular.

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