Election Poll Predicts Republican Blow-Out

A national pre-election survey of over 14,000 likely voters conducted by the non-partisan organization, The Free Enterprise Nation, indicates that Republicans and independents will participate in a massive turnout on November 2, resulting in a Republican avalanche.

Poll conducted October 21 to October 27- See Full Poll Results at TheFreeEnterpriseNation.org

Total of Voters Who Identify Themselves As Independent- 33%

"The high number of independents was pretty unexpected," said James MacDougald, President of The Free Enterprise Nation. "We had always believed that Independents represented 20% rather than 33% of the electorate."
Most Pressing Issue For Voters

1. Unemployment- 51%

2. Federal Deficit- 32%

3. Healthcare Reform, Social Issues, War in Afghanistan- 17%

Are You Financially Better Off Than Last Year?

1. No- 86%

2. Yes- 14%

MacDougald reported that voters of both major parties as well as Independents agreed that Unemployment is the leading issue of the day. There was also common ground among all poll participants when the grand majority agreed that they were no better off financially than last year.

"Favor" or "Oppose" the Repeal of the Recently Passed Healthcare Reform Legislation

1. Democrats- 82% Oppose repeal

2. Independents- 75% Favor repeal

3. Republicans- 95% Favor repeal

Here the common ground between the two major political parties ended, as opinions on the new Healthcare Reform Law fell clearly along party lines.

What surprised MacDougald and other analysts was that the Independents' answers to key questions such as this were often indistinguishable from those of the Republican respondents.

"What is really remarkable," said MacDougald, "is that this election is beginning to look like the opposite of 2008. With this poll, we saw a very high degree of participation by the age group that is 50 or over, and very low participation by those under 35. We believe that these levels of participation will be mirrored at the polls next Tuesday."

Who Is Most Responsible For the Current Weak Economy

1. Republicans- 95% blame President Obama and Congress

2. Democrats- 89% blame President Bush, Wall Street, and big corporations

3. Independents- 68% blame President Obama and Congress

"The problem for Democrats," says MacDougald, "is that Bush, Wall Street, and big corporations are not on the ballot next Tuesday, but Congress is. And that's bad news for the Democrats."

The Free Enterprise Nation is a non-partisan member-based organization representing American employees and businesses in the private sector.

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