Video: Book thrown at Obama’s head during rally

A book was thrown at Barack Obama’s head during his Germantown rally yesterday in Philadelphia, while a streaker also tainted the event that was supposed to rally Obama’s hardcore base of predominantly black supporters. Few white people were to be seen in the crowd in the Germantown neighborhood of Northwest Philadelphia, known for its huge African-American population. The tainting of what was supposed to be a pump-up rally of the last few vestiges of Obama’s remaining support in the country instead degenerated into something of a debacle, with the Secret Service now facing questions regarding their apparent laxity in security that actually allowed a book to narrowly miss hitting Obama’s head and a flabby streaker to disrupt the rally.

The launching of a book towards Obama’s head is particularly significant because of the large African-American contingent in the crowd of about 18,000 people. African-Americans are still one of the only demographics in the US who haven’t completely abandoned Obama as he is being increasingly exposed as an inept commander-in-chief who has failed to turn around a struggling US economy. In fact, according to polls, African-Americans are still gung-ho for Obama…almost as if…as if…they only watch MSNBC, read the New York Times, and get all their analysis from the likes of that extremely angry-yet-barely-watched Keith Olbermann and his radical buddy, Ed Schultz.

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