"Need to Read" January 21 2011

Outspoken Tucson sheriff faces recall bid

Sheriff Dupnik finds himself on the public-opinion hot seat. A group opposed to illegal immigration has begun an effort to recall the sheriff in a special election. Meanwhile, a Pima County tea party group is planning on holding a "Dump Dupnik" rally next week outside his office.

GOP panel maps plan for huge budget cuts

An influential group of conservative House Republicans issued a blueprint Thursday for slashing the budgets of PBS, Amtrak and the National Endowment for the Arts — and dozens of other government programs and agencies — in a bid to roll back spending and shrink the national debt.

Iran Won’t Build Nukes Until 2015

The former director of Mossad, Meir Dagan, had good news upon leaving his post: Israel believes that Iran’s drive to acquire nuclear weapons has been delayed until 2015 at the earliest. A combination of bold covert operations, sanctions and other actions have now made it a real possibility that the nuclearprogram will crumble or the regime will fall before it can threaten the world with nuclear weapons.

ObamaCare's Freebies: Driving Up Costs, Destroying Our Workforce

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)[1] offers subsidies for most individuals who purchase insurance in the newly created health insurance exchanges—a premium assistance subsidy and a cost-sharing subsidy. These subsidies are the most expensive component of the overhaul, costing over $460 billion by 2019. Perhaps even more problematic, they will cause significant and harmful disruptions far outside the health care system by discouraging work and further complicating the tax treatment of health insurance. The subsidies reinforce current tax code inequities and create new ones.

The Magic Tricks of ObamaCare

ObamaCare really sounds wonderful on paper. Can you imagine a health care system that offers free benefits for everyone while still managing to cut costs? If you can't, it's because you know such a system can't exist in real life.  Like the many times Harry Houdini pulled a rabbit out of his hat, ObamaCare has a lot of provisions that make it look amazing, but in reality the "magic" is nothing short of optical illusions and trickery. 

Killing Jobs When We Need Them the Most

Don't believe the media. Obamacare is already adding to the unemployment rolls.

Old Media Now Asking Where is Birth Certificate

An interview with newly elected Hawaii Gov. Neil Abercrombie that addressed Barack Obama's presidential eligibility has prompted two opposing interpretations by legacy media – one insisting the governor has resolved the issue and the other concluding he effectively has admitted he can't find the long-form birth certificate that would help put the controversy to rest.

3 Ways Obamacare will Adversely Affect Consumers in 2011

Section 6001 of the health-care law required physician-owned hospitals to obtain their Medicare certification by the end of last year. Without it, they can't treat Medicare patients. And the facilities needed to be open to get that certification.

U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Decision: Constitution is Void

The U.S. Supreme Court issued a landmark decision that serves to allow judges to void the Constitution in their courtrooms.  The decision was issued on January 18, 2011, and the Court did not even explain the decision (Docket No. 10-632, 10-633, and 10-690).  One word decisions: DENIED.

How to Freeze the Debt Ceiling Without Risking Default  

As members of Congress debate whether to raise the U.S. debt ceiling—the limit on our government's debt—we should all agree on at least one thing: Under no circumstances is it acceptable for the U.S. to default on its debt. Not only are we morally obligated to honor our debts, but we benefit greatly from the nearly universal conviction that those who lend to us will always be repaid, on time and in full. We should never undermine that conviction.

Obama Ignoring Voters' Small Gov Message

In June 2009, the Department of Energy, responding to a mandate from President Obama, issued new regulations to phase out fluorescent tubes and the cone-shaped bulbs used in recessed lighting.  A recent report by the department’s inspector general found that the agency had made little progress in installing the more efficient systems that it recommends to others and was instead using older bulbs, racking up a $76 million electricity bill annually.

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