Obama Hits Bottom in Latest Gallup Poll

According to the latest Gallup Poll just 41 percent of Americans approve of Obama's job performance as president.

As the poll points out, Obama is now as unpopular as he has been at any stage of his presidency:

President Obama is now as unpopular as he has been at any time since he became president. He faces difficult challenges ahead in trying to improve the economy and get the federal budget deficit under control, and must do so with Republicans in control of the House. His ability to navigate these challenges will help determine whether he will be elected to a second term as president. Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton all were similarly unpopular at this stage of their presidencies, but the last two were able to turn things around in time to win a second term in office.

The latest Gallup results are even worse than the most recent Quinnipiac University national poll released at the end of March, which polled Obama at just 42 percent approval.

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