Bin Laden's Body Handled in "Accordance With Islamic Practice": WHY

The United States is treating Osama bin Laden’s body in “accordance with Islamic practice,” a White House official says.

Asked how bin Laden’s body will be treated, a senior administration official told reporters on a conference call that “we are ensuring that is handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition.”

Peter Bergen, a national security analyst, predicted on CNN that bin Laden’s face will be shown because of visual evidence that must be displayed. He also noted that Islamic law calls for bodies to be buried within 24 hours of death.

“In Islam, the body has to be buried in 24 hours,” Bergen said. “That will happen"

Really? He was buried at sea facing Mecca! I don't know about anyone else but I have a real problem with this. Why are we burying him in accordance with Islamic Practices? We don't owe the Islamic Jihadists anything! What religious practices did Bin Laden and crew follow when they exterminated 3,000 people in America on 9/11, including Muslims who were working in the Trade Center along with defenseless, innocent children? They got buried beneath tons of steel and concrete or vaporized all together in flames. The same goes for those in the Pentagon and on United Flight 93. What was left of them to bury properly in accordance with their beliefs?

I am so sick and tired of the Political Correct bull sh*t. We should have paraded Bin Laden's dead body in the streets at Ground Zero, the Pentagon and in Shanklsville,PA. Let the people rejoice in the victory thanks to our brave men and women in the US Military, especially the Navy Seals!

Then we should have wisked him off to an undisclosed landfill site and buried him there in Pig Guts! If there is anything that will scare a jihadist, it's not that he will be killed, they are prepared for that, it would be that he is covered in Pig guts or something similar involving a Pig. That would make him unclean and not acceptable to "Allah" and he would not get 72 virgins. But alas, we are the compassionate ones.

I am surprised that Obama did not order the Seals to offer Bin Laden a cigarette and a blindfold before they could shoot him.

God Bless the US Military for its due dilligence in killing Osama Bin Laden, but why did Obama have to ruin it by bowing to Islamic practice to someone who has killed more muslims than we have.

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