Dem Congressman: Debt Limit Debate is a ‘’Political Charade"

Here’s some straight talk from a Democratic Congressman that pops the Washington drama balloon about the Debt Limit – Pete Stark (D-CA) told an audience Saturday morning that the Debt Limit debate is a ‘’political charade’.

“You’ve heard a lot about the Debt Limit. And I guess that’s – I don’t know how many of you are worried about it or concerned about it. The fact is I think it’s a political charade.

“I’m afraid that the Democrats have done that in the past, threatened to shut down the government. I don’t think there’s a chance that it will happen. I think the last time somebody did, they lost enough seats in the House of Representatives to convince them it was a dumbest thing they ever did. [It] doesn’t get us anywhere, it doesn’t help anybody, and to extend the Debt Limit is nothing more – than people have described it – than that the government’s credit card doesn’t run out of resources.

“And we all know we have more debt than we should be carrying and there’s a fight going on: Should we raise your taxes to lower that debt? Should we quit government spending?"

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