Poll: Most Don’t Trust Obama on Economy

More than half of all voters do not trust President Barack Obama to lead America back to economic prosperity, according to an exclusive Newsmax poll.

And the young who turned out in such great numbers for Obama in 2008 have even less confidence in him than those in any other age groups, shows the poll conducted by IBOPE Zogby. Only one in six of those under 24 say they trust Obama.

That could spell disaster for the president next year when he faces voters again, IBOPE Zogby chairman John Zogby told Newsmax.

“I don’t see the younger group flipping and voting Republican,” he said. “But I can see them not voting in great numbers. The president cannot win reelection unless he can turn out the support of younger voters.

“They had very high expectations in 2008, but the economy has squeezed them and a significant number have found they aren’t able to get a real start.”

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