Time‘s ’Person of the Year’…‘The Protester’ ?

Well, nobody should be shocked here, this is the main stream news media supporting their buddy Obama and the "occupy movement".  The reality is that in Egypt, Libya and even Yemen, the "occupy movement" had nothing to do with those uprisings.  The Times mentions that the movement spread across the Middle East to Europe and eventually to the U.S..  I submit to you that the media is trying to compare apples to oranges here.  Surely those in the Middle East faced oppressions and tyrannical governments and revolution and violent protests were probably warranted to change their systems of government. 

The main stream news media has spent and continues to spend great amounts of time trying to prop up the "Occupy Movement" largely because the American People have rejected it.  Poll after poll suggest that either the people are not familiar with the "Occupy Movement" and their agenda or that they do not support it.   The media does not tout these polls because they do not reflect their agenda.

When the Tea Party movement was going strong and "peacefully assembling" in protest of government corruption and overspending the media did their utmost best to demonize the Tea Partiers in any way possible spreading lies and propaganda about the movement and its members.  The reality is that the Tea Party movement is a peaceful, non violent gathering of Americans who feel that the country is going in the wrong direction and want to place it back on track.  However, the "Occupy Movement" is protest against the private corporations and anyone who is doing well in this country.  The "Occupy Movement" wants the freebies, the handouts.  This is a far cry from people who are actually protesting real tyranny in the Middle East. 

Funny that "Time" didn't consider "SEAL TEAM SIX" or maybe "Gabriel Giffords".  Support the protesters in the Middle East who made real change, yes, support the "Occupy Movement"  where's my free stuff snivling whiners, NO WAY !

Read More Here: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/meet-times-person-of-the-year-the-protester/
“The Protester” has been named Time’s “Person of the Year” for 2011.

The selection was announced Wednesday on NBC’s “Today” show.
The magazine cited dissent across the Middle East that has spread to Europe and the United States, and says these protesters are reshaping global politics.

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