The Truth About Occupy Wall Street

Contrary to the past demonstrations of the Tea Party, to whom the news media likes to compare to OWS, Occupy Wall Street has sadly attracted the dregs of America, giving everyone and anyone who has nothing better to do than degrade their country a platform to create chaos, without presenting a solution to whatever problems they are complaining about.

It’s no surprise that the media of late has backed off from any more parallels, because the OCW has evolved into a national tragedy and an embarrassment for anyone who supports them.

Nevertheless, the president, not surprisingly, gave his support to the entire movement, which means he must find no issue with people defecating on the American flag, crapping on police cars, having sex in the open, raping women, smoking dope, carrying “Hate America” and other signs that support Communism, Socialism and anarchy in general.

More than five thousand people have been arrested by police for disorderly conduct alone. Don’t tell me it’s the cops’ fault, please. That’s an insult to the men and women in blue that are out there with no other job than to protect you and me, and to enforce laws. It’s not their choice, it’s their duty.

While these folks are complaining about the fat cats in corporateAmerica and unanimously denounce capitalism (upon which our great country was established), those same hypocrites are partaking of the corporate world on a daily basis without blinking an eye. Yes, they live and breathe corporateAmerica, from the clothes they wear and the cell phones they use, the airlines they fly and the food they eat. Think Verizon, AT&T, Samsung, Ford, Chrysler, Visio, Dell, TacoBell, McDonalds, Gucci, Nikes, Posturepedic, Stouffers, Marlboro and Coors Light for starters.

These are the freeloaders who seek to be coddled by the taxpayer, to be provided the essentials of life for free; living quarters, food, education, health care, and plenty of money for drugs, sex and legal defense.

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