Bush, Not Obama, Secured Unanimous U.N. Measures Against Iran

Vice President Joe Biden claimed Tuesday that when President Obama took office, “there was virtually no international pressure on Iran” and that the U.S. was diplomatically isolated.

Defending the administration’s approach towards Iran before a conservative Jewish audience, Biden painted a picture of Bush failure and Obama success.

“When we took office – let me remind you – there was virtually no international pressure on Iran

We were the problem. We were diplomatically isolated in the world, in the region, in Europe. The international pressure on Iran was stuck in neutral.”

This is absolutely not true and Biden knows it, the Bush administration was twice able to accomplish what its successor has not – a unanimous (15-0) Security Council vote for sanctions against Tehran over its nuclear activities. Those resolutions were passed in Dec. 2006 and Mar. 2007.

Furthermore, on a third occasion (Mar. 2008) the Bush administration achieved a 14-0 vote for a sanctions resolution (Indonesia abstained). And a fourth resolution (Sept. 2008) – which did not impose new sanctions but reaffirmed the previous measures – also passed unanimously.

In contrast, the Obama administration has steered just one sanctions resolution through the Security Council (resolution 1929 in June 2010) and was unable to get all members onboard. In a 12-2 vote Turkey and Brazil opposed the measure, while Lebanon abstained.

 The unanimous votes achieved during the Bush years did reflect a unified position on Iran’s nuclear activities by the world body’s most powerful organ.

And Bush administration diplomats succeeded in getting the resolutions passed unanimously in 2006, 2007 and 2008 while dealing with a Security Council whose membership was no friendlier to the U.S. than the one faced by U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice in 2010.

Her Bush-era predecessors managed to win over several skeptical members, including Qatar (2006 and 2007), Indonesia (2007), South Africa (2007 and 2008), Vietnam (2008) – and Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya (2008).
“Despite the Obama administration’s vows to cripple Iran with economic sanctions, it is leaders in Congress and Europe who have seized the lead in the West’s long-running campaign to punish Tehran for its suspected nuclear weapons program”
... the Los Angeles Times  
 “In recent months, the toughest moves to deter Iran from pursuing its presumed nuclear ambitions have come from a bipartisan group in Congress and European allies, especially Britain and France,” it said. “The White House at first resisted these steps before embracing them as inevitable.”

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