Dems Whine Over Poll Showing Akin Down 10 Points

Here is one from the "You just can't make this stuff up" category!

You would think that McCaskill leading by 10 points in the recent polls would be music to the Democratic Party's ears. But that is not the case here:

“Everyone knows that Rasmussen is a tool of the Republican establishment in Washington,” Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee press secretary Shripal Shah told The Hill.

A McCaskill campaign aide added that “it’s just not inline with what we’re seeing in our internal polling.”

“There’s a concerted [GOP] effort to get Todd Akin to bow out,” he said. “So it’s quite a coincidence that this poll came out right after someone in his campaign said he would reevaluate if he was down by 7 to 9 percent…we were just out [polling] in the field yesterday and it showed we’re in a dead heat.”

The Daily reported on Wednesday that an aide close to Akin said if he remains within 5 percentage points of McCaskill he was committed to staying in, but if he falls behind by 7 or more, “that gets difficult.”

What the Democrats are accusing Rasmussen of is trying to force Akin out of the race thus opening the door for a new challenger, this is possible but it will be a difficult process and most likely hand McCaskill the win anyway. What the Republicans will gain from this is to show that they do not support Akins comments thus hoping to keep the female vote.

Herein lies the real reason that the Democrats want Akin to stay on the ballot. This will keep Akins comments alive in the main stream news media and this allows them to demonize the whole Republican party, not just Akin. If Akin withdraws, the story is dead. If McCaskill's poll numbers show Akin losing by a large percentage, then voters will forget about the issue because they will believe that Akin is toast come the election anyway. Thus they will focus on other issues and not the demonization of the Republican party and its Presidential candidate.

That is the real reason they're upset.

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