Study: Bush Presidency More Successful Than Obama's

Newsmax reports that in 14 out of 16 areas, Bush was a more successful president than is Obama, according to a study conducted by the Alabama Policy Institute. Some of the side by side figures for the first terms of both presidents are startling:

Food stamp recipients numbered 19.2 million under Bush, but 39.5 million under Obama.

The national debt increased 28.6 percent under Bush, but 50.6 percent under Obama.

Health insurance cost an average family $8,000 under Bush, but $14,000 under Obama.

The national debt as a percentage of GDP was 61.6 percent under Bush but 98.7 percent under Obama.

440,000 net jobs were created under Bush, but 2,760,000 jobs were lost under Obama.

The average length of unemployment was 5.3 weeks under Bush, but 9.6 weeks under Obama.

Per capita income was $31,644 under Bush but $26,727 under Obama.

Obama was ahead in two areas over Bush. Obama has created 11,017 regulations compared to 13,615 for Bush. The S&P 500 has risen 74.3 percent under Obama but fell 32.6 percent under Bush.

The study by its nature does not delve into Bush's second-term record.

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