Military Absentee Ballots Are AWOL in 2012

This is yet another reason why I believe the polls are skewed, just look at the drop in Military absentee ballots compared to 2008.  While I believe that many of the Military would be voting for Romney, you can't discount the fact that some will vote for Obama.  This drop in Military absentee ballots proves that things are not the same as 2008 along with the fact that Democrat voter registrations are down from 2008 as well. Therefore you cannot use the 2008 data to base your poll results.  It doesn't add up. - Jay

A 92 percent drop in absentee-ballot requests by military personnel in Virginia is raising concerns that the Pentagon is failing to carry out a federal voting law.

With only 1,746 military voters in Virginia requesting absentee ballots so far this year — out of 126,251 service members in the state — the Military Voter Protection Project says the system has broken down.

Compiling data from Virginia, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Ohio, Alaska, Colorado and Nevada, Eversole’s organization found that military families have requested 55,510 absentee ballots so far this year. That’s a sharp decline from the 166,252 sought in those states in 2008.

“The fact is that an incredibly small percentage of military voters are requesting absentee ballots for the 2012 election, even though a majority of military members — roughly two-thirds — will need to vote by absentee ballot,” Eversole said.

“We’re not seeing the same level of emphasis [on military voting] that we saw four years ago,” Eversole told Virginia Watchdog.
The former Navy JAG Corps officer blames “the federal bureaucracy and a little bit of stubbornness by the Department of Defense. The buck stops at the Federal Voting Assistance Program.”

“Many [troops] believe their votes won’t count,” Alt said. “They’re given such short shrift that they consider it a waste of time.”

Eversole doesn’t blame politics, but, rather, “a lot of bureaucratic mumbo jumbo.”

“At the end of the day they just don’t want to do it,” he said.

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