Obama’s Dismal Record: One last Look before the Election – Patriot Update

Obama’s Dismal Record: One last Look before the Election – Patriot Update

As a candidate, Obama made a lot of promises—promises he failed to keep. He promised lower taxes. Instead we got higher taxes in the form of a Healthcare bill he claimed was not a tax. He promised to cut the national debt in half. Instead he increased it. He promised to put Americans back to work. Instead he put them in the unemployment line. He promised to bridge our country’s racial divide. Instead he increased racial tension in America. He promised to reduce poverty. Instead he increased it—hugely.

As President, Barack Obama has made a lot of excuses. The president’s favorite tactic for excusing his record of failure has been to blame others. When pointing the finger of blame, Obama’s favorite scapegoat has been George W. Bush. Since this is the case, Americans would do well to take one last look at President Obama’s record vis-à-vis the Bush record before entering the voting booth on November 6th. Further, readers of this column would do well to share its message with as many undecided voters as possible, although I cannot for the life of me understand how any person could still be undecided at this point. But, then, if logic dictated voting patterns Barack Obama would not have been elected in the first place.

Now for a last look at President Obama’s record as compared with the circumstances he inherited from George W. Bush. When Barack Obama took office in January 2009, 21.5 million Americans were out of work. During the Obama administration, rather than decline, that number increased to 23.1 million. That is 1.6 million more people unemployed than when Barack Obama was sworn in as the president who was going to put Americans back to work. The only significant increase in employment under President Obama has been in the White House where he employs 43 czars—up from eight under Bill Clinton—and 279 new “presidential aides.” The average salary of the czars is $170,000 and the average salary of his presidential aides is $100,000—not bad at a time when millions of highly-qualified, highly-educated, experienced Americans remain unemployed or, at best, underemployed.

While running for president, Barack Obama chided the George W. Bush administration for presiding over unprecedented increases in gas prices. However, during his administration gas prices have increased from the nationwide average of $1.89 he inherited upon taking office to the current $3.91, an increase of 111 percent. Predictably, Obama’s apologists have changed rhetorical horses in midstream and now claim he has no influence over the price of gasoline. This, of course, is an absurd argument since the president’s energy policies have both a direct and indirect effect on the price of oil. Making war on coal, cutting drilling leases by two-thirds, wasting billions on unproven alternative energy sources, and refusing to approve the Keystone Pipeline are just a few of the ways the president has signaled oil producers that they can raise their prices.

Barack Obama inherited a $10.6 trillion national debt and promptly set about increasing it by 51 percent. The president’s national debt now stands at $16 trillion and climbing. Worse yet, President Obama seems to think that he can borrow and spend our country out of debt. Family income under the Bush administration reached a national average of $54,962. Under Obama it decreased to $50,054, a reduction of $4,908. Finally, when Barack Obama took office there were 39.3 Americans living in poverty. Under Obama that number increased to 46.2 million, or an increase of 6.9 million. For most Americans, the answer to the question “Are you better off now than you were four years ago” is a resounding NO. Let’s hope Americans will remember that fact and just say NO to Barack Obama on November 6th.

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