56 Percent of Top Health Care Pros Oppose ObamaCare

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A poll of top health care professionals finds that 56 percent oppose Obamacare, with about nine in 10 believing that there could be major negative impacts such as a drop in quality care. A shocking 19 percent believe Americans will die earlier.

In its 2013 Health Care Survey of 200 top health care professionals nationally, Coupa Software found
that health care professionals are worried about a number of setbacks that the health law could result in “negative impacts.”  Here are the results of the Poll.

53 percent, 'Quality of health insurance policies will suffer.'

51 percent, 'Quality of care will go down.'

49 percent, 'The law is overly complicated.'

42 percent, 'Insurance exchanges will be poorly managed.'

37 percent, 'The law still allows insurance companies to be the middleman.'

32 percent, 'Too complex for businesses.'

19 percent, 'Americans will die earlier.'

The survey did find that many expect that the Affordable Care Act would fix some inefficiencies, however, "Only 6 percent favor all of the law, and 38 percent favor most of it."

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