WaPo/ABC Poll: Conservatives More Motivated to Vote in 2018

Democrats keep freaking out over the presidency of Donald Trump, Americans are getting pretty sick and tired of their hysteria. A new Washington Post poll conducted with ABC News attempted to measure voter enthusiasm as we go into the next cycle of elections. What they learned is that Trump supporters actually are more motivated after the past six months of leftist overreaction.

The poll shows that registered voters want Democrats to control Congress to be a check on Trump by a 52-38 percent margin, but it also shows Democrats are less enthusiastic about voting than Republicans are. While 65 percent of Republicans and GOP-leaning adults say they are “almost certain to vote,” just 57 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning adults say the same.

The poll is great news for Republicans. It seems that Democrats' fascist reaction to the President is not playing as well as they hoped.


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