Gamblers Betting Trump Will Be Re-Elected in 2020

The gambling site is betting on a fairly easy re-election bid for President Trump in 2020 against rising Democrats including Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and former first lady Michelle Obama.

Trump's odds are 5 to 2, the best of over a dozen potential candidates.

Bettors are also hedging their bet, picking Vice President Mike Pence as their second favorite in the 2020 presidential race.

"Trump is currently a 5/2 favorite to win. Mike Pence (6/1) and Elizabeth Warren (10/1) are close behind with Michelle Obama and Bernie Sanders both sitting at 16/1 odds to win. [Sen.] Kamala Harris and Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg are now listed at 20/1. [House Speaker] Paul Ryan is 28/1."

"Will the 25th Amendment Section 4 be invoked? With odds at 5/14, bettors are backing 'no impeachment' during Trump's first term. The odds at 1/8 strongly favor him sitting in the oval office on January 1, 2018. "

What's more, they aren't betting for Trump to lose his Twitter account either. Sorry Twitterholics. It's a 5/1 longshot that Twitter will suspend the @realDonaldTrump account.

The 2020 odds are listed below:

Donald Trump 5/2
Michelle Obama 16/1
Sen. Elizabeth Warren 10/1
Mike Pence 6/1
Hillary Clinton 33/1
Sen. Cory Booker 20/1
Joe Biden 20/1
Sen. Bernie Sanders 16/1
Julian Castro 33/1
Speaker Paul Ryan 28/1
Gov. John Kasich 66/1
Sen. Ted Cruz 66/1
Kanye West 150/1
Will Smith 80/1
Mark Cuban 50/1
Michael Bloomberg 40/1
Andrew Cuomo 33/1
Sen. Amy Klobuchar 33/1
Sen. Marco Rubio 40/1
Stephen Colbert 66/1
Jon Stewart 50/1
Mark Zuckerberg 20/1
Caroline Kennedy 66/1
Oprah Winfrey 50/1
George Clooney 66/1
Leonardo DiCaprio 80/1
Bill Gates 125/1
Sen. Rand Paul 80/1
Sen. Kamala Harris 20/1
Dwayne The Rock Johnson 25/1
Gov. Terry McAuliffe 80/1

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