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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Anti-Trump Stories of 2017

Here’s a list of 10 times this year that the media’s ridiculous Anti-Trump bias made them look like complete idiots:

1.) Donald Trump gets two scoops of ice cream when everyone else got one!

In May, CNN combed through a 100-minute-long interview  that Trump and Mike Pence gave to Time magazine on everything from Syria to how he wants to make peace with the media.

What did the Fake News network lead with?

Sometimes at dinner, “Trump takes two scoops of ice cream…while everyone else around the table gets just one.” Let’s face it: Trump deserves two desserts after the way he’s eaten the media’s lunch all year.

2.) Trump didn’t call for the death of the Las Vegas shooter… who was already dead!

On October 1, Stephen Paddock carried out the worst lone shooting in U.S. history, killing dozens of fans at an outdoor country music concert in Las Vegas, and wounding 500 more before killing himself.
The Social Justice Warriors noticed something about Trump’s response: He regularly demands that Muslim terrorists be put to death…but not Paddock. Why would Trump want Islamists dead and not a rich, white guy? Racism!
I guess they all missed the part where Paddock was already room temperature – or, if you believe in Hell much, much warmer.

3.) Donald Trump likes his Diet Coke.

President Trump can get a Diet Coke at the push of a button, according to the New York Times – and sometimes he has as many as 12 a day.
The Fake News went into a frenzy over whether that’s healthy.

4.) Trump holds water bottles with two hands (sometimes).

The media was obsessed over the fact that – a few times when he paused to take a drink of water – he used two hands to hold the glass. CNN host Chris Cuomo belittled Trump for using the “sippy cup grip” and demonstrated how he holds his glass “like a man, with one hand!”

A month earlier, in November, Newsweek ran a story promising “Scientific Proof That Trump’s Hands are Too Small to Hold a Water Bottle Like a Normal Adult.” The article had no science and no proof, not even measurements of Trump’s hand size. It just told readers to “Google ‘Trump drinking water two hands video’ and you can see that this is definitely a thing.”

5.) Donald Trump could use the military to stage a coup!

Conservatives have begun asking whether the Trump-Russia investigation, dreamed up by pro-Hillary FBI agents just in case she lost, is a “coup.”
An angry MSNBC doubled down by warning that Trump is the one about to stage a coup…of his own government!
The Loony Left network interviewed a former George W. Bush lawyer who said Trump could use the military and crush the Constitution.

“The commander-in-chief is Donald Trump,” Richard Painter said. “There is a risk of him using that power to destroy our democracy.” Painter ranted that Trump is obstructing justice and is “psychologically deranged.”

6.) CNN: Trump overfed koi fish in Japan!

During his Asia trip in November, CNN’s Veronica Rocha tweeted out a video of Donald Trump feeding fish, then dumping the entire bowl into the pond.

“Fish lovers gagged at the sight and wondered had Mr Trump left the koi carp — which cannot eat a large volume of food — sick or even killed them,” the international press reported. But The Washington Post called Rocha out on her lie. She edited out footage showing that Trump following the lead of Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe, like a good guest.

7.) CNN: A dog’s ear looks like Trump!

In November, “Erin Burnett Out Front” ran a segment reporting that “a dog named Chief has an ear that looks like Trump’s face.”
Sure enough, the British beagle had an inner ear that looked like a cartoon caricature of Trump’s profile – sorta. Before showing viewers the ear, reporter Jeanne Moos warned the snowflakes in the audience to “brace yourself,” because some people found the image “violently disturbing.”

8.) Ivanka Trump caught “plagiarizing”…herself.

Newsweek actually ran a headline on November 29, saying: “Ivanka Trump plagiarizes one of her own speeches in India,” because Ivanka repeated certain words and phrases during her travels – like every politician does.

News flash to Newsweek: You can’t plagiarize yourself.

9.) “Piegate!”

When Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted out a picture of a pecan pie she made for Thanksgiving, it was too much for CNN’s April Ryan. The sight of the pecans drove Ryan nuts — and she accused Sanders of tweeting a stock photo.

Sanders settled “piegate” with grace and Southern hospitality. She made up several pecan pies and delivered them to reporters – including Ryan, who took the pie but said, “I’m not going to eat it.”

10.) The faked Russian dossier.

Yes, all the rest of the stories are light-hearted, silly, or even downright ridiculous. But to spend an entire year obsessing over a fake intelligence report paid for by a political campaign, peddled by a hate-for-hire PR firm, and demonstrated to be full of lies time and again is the most embarrassing media misstep of our time.

H/T: The Horn News