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THE TALK SHOW AMERICAN: 01/28/2018 - 02/04/2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

President Trump's State of the Union Speech Gets 75% Approval Rating

President Trump’s State of the Union address last night received a big response, as he pledged to close loop holes to deal with violent criminal gangs, backed Guantanamo Bay and pledged to stand up for “America’s struggling workers”.

The speech received an incredible reaction amongst those who watched it, with 75% approving of it according to a YouGov poll for CBS News.

The President reiterated that his “highest loyalty, my greatest compassion, and my constant concern is for America’s children, America’s struggling workers, and America’s forgotten communities”.

On the economy, Trump said that the “era of economic surrender is over” and pointed out how “the stock market has smashed one record after another, gaining $8 trillion in value.

The speech went down incredibly well, with a YouGov poll showing that 65% of those who watched said it made them feel proud and 35% said safer compared to just 21% who said angry and 14% who felt scared.