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THE TALK SHOW AMERICAN: Majority of Voters Believe FBI Broke Law Investigating Trump

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Majority of Voters Believe FBI Broke Law Investigating Trump

American voters have had a week to digest a report from DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, and a new poll shows a majority of them believe the FBI broke the law.

The latest Fox News Poll shows 53 percent of voters believe the FBI broke the law investigating the Trump campaign.

The report from Horowitz revealed 17-violations in the FBI’s process of using the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to get a warrant against then Trump campaign aide Carter Page, claiming he was an “agent” of a foreign power.

Horowitz concluded that the FBI failed to disclose key information to the FISA Court when applying for a surveillance warrant.

In the beginning of the year, a Rasmussen poll showed that 56 percent of voters believed the FBI had broken the law.

The latest poll from Rasmussen finds 52 percent of Americans:

“consider it likely that senior federal law enforcement officials broke the law in an effort to prevent Trump from winning the presidency.”

A plurality (43%) thinks these officials should be jailed if they are found guilty of breaking the law to prevent a Trump presidency, up dramatically from 25% early this year, while another 22% say they should just be fired.


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