Police report indicates Kennedy 'impaired'

Capitol Police report says congressman's eyes watery, speech slurred

Here's the official Capitol Hill Police report on yesterday's early-morning crash involving a disoriented Representative Patrick Kennedy.

According to cops, the Rhode Island Democrat (and son of Senator Ted Kennedy) appeared unsteady on his feet, had "red and watery" eyes, and had "slightly slurred" speech upon exiting his Ford Mustang after crashing the vehicle into a barricade near Capitol Hill. The reporting officer checked off a box indicating that Kennedy was under the influence of alcohol and that the politician's ability was "impaired."

Kennedy, 39, has denied that alcohol was involved in the 2:45 AM accident, claiming instead that he was left disoriented by a reaction to the prescription drugs Abien, a sleep aid, and Phenergan, an antihistamine. Both drugs carry warnings that alcohol, taken in conjunction with the medications, may increase drowsiness and dizziness.

Following the accident, Kennedy was driven home by police, who did not administer any field sobriety tests to the six-term congressman.

See the report here:


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