Rep. Patrick Kennedy to Enter Drug Rehab

Rep. Patrick Kennedy will enter rehab for addiction to prescription pain medication Friday evening after a highly publicized car crash near the Capitol.

Kennedy, D-R.I., plans to seek treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.

The congressman was announcing his decision during a new conference Friday afternoon, then planned to travel to Minnesota later in the day.

Kennedy, who has struggled with addiction and depression, said he had checked into the Mayo Clinic over the Christmas holidays and returned to Congress "reinvigorated and healthy."

"Of course, in every recovery, each day has its ups and downs, but I have been strong, focused and productive since my return," Kennedy said in a statement obtained by The Associated Press.

The congressman said he became concerned about his condition after the Thursday morning car accident.

"I simply do not remember getting out of bed, being pulled over by the police, or being cited for three driving infractions," Kennedy said. "That's not how I want to live my life. And that's not how I want to represent the people of Rhode Island."

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reetajenet said...

MSNBC reports that Representative Patrick Kennedy has announced his intention to seek treatment for an addiction to prescription drugs. Good for him. He has a very tough road ahead of him and I wish him well. There is considerably more information and background in the AP article. It seems that treatment for drug problems has been a recurring problem for Kennedy, dating all the way back to high school. This is not a good history for someone who serves in Congress. My initial reaction was that there was a problem, my second reaction when he announced he was seeking treatment was more positive. I'm afraid I have to fall back to the first position here. This is not a good track record for someone who makes law for the country. He does not seem to be able to beat the problem, either.I think that voters in his district should be watching him very carefully. This really should be his last chance. His voters should make sure he knows that. I still wish him well, but I would personally be very unlikely to trust him enough to vote for him again if he were my congressman.

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